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Who We Are
The operators of, Black Education CIC (“we”, “us” or “our”), a non-profit social enterprise, Community Interest Company, registration number 13351111. Registered office address at Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane, London UK, E17 6DS. Our mission is to deliver rich editorial content across our platform to educate, empower and raise awareness. With a goal that our content is educational information that is relevant, credible and accessible to all.

Our Audience
We have a global audience that attracts many people from the learning community. More than ever businesses want to engage with purpose-driven non-profit organisations and support the work we are doing. Through sponsorship our advertisers can support our work and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility while establishing a positive association with our audience and building their brand awareness. We facilitate different types of sponsorships, working with advertisers for our digital platforms and our in-person events.

Advertising Content – Native Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Content
We are pleased to work with advertisers to help digitally market their products and brands. We accept all types of digital content marketing including native advertising and sponsored content, featuring campaigns, promotions and deep links. Our advertising content isn’t invasive as we only publish native advertising when it blends naturally within our editorial content. We also have sponsored (advertorial) content throughout the website and is usually labelled as ‘sponsored’ when appropriate. We also match our sponsored content to fit alongside our editorial content so not to appear intrusive and that it remains relevant for our readers. Our advertising content includes banners, text links and images.

The key benefits of advertising content, native and sponsored:

  • Visibility – Both native and sponsored content can gain high visibility from our popular pages avoiding browser ad-blockers.
  • Reach – Companies can reach an audience that they ordinarily would not have reached through their traditional marketing channels and strategies, increasing their brand awareness, website traffic and conversions.
  • Storytelling- Both sponsored and native content fits in with the content theme and the story of the original editorial content, forming as part of the contents story.
  • Flexibility – There are lots of ways to display sponsored content within our website, which include text, images or both.
  • Creditability – Content promoted by us gives the sponsored brand and products credibility with our audience as readers will perceive the sponsor as a trusted brand.
  • Partnership – Sponsorship can be ongoing and form a brand partnership, sharing audiences and content.
  • Costs – Sponsored content is typically a much more cost-effective way of promoting a product or brand than traditionally marketing channels.
  • ROI – Sponsored and native content have been found to deliver a high return on investment when compared to traditional forms of paid advertising.

Event Sponsorship
Sponsoring our events is a really powerful way for companies to demonstrate their purpose-driven business practices or corporate social responsibility. It is an opportunity to show that they are not only profit-focused but that they have other core values and support community development. For our events we provide opportunities for companies to establish a positive association with our audience and build their brand awareness. We have different event sponsorship levels to meet the different businesses and brand requirements. Whether it is a small business, mid-size organisation or large company we are happy to consider all types of businesses to sponsor our events. We can promote our sponsors using logo placements on marketing materials before and during the event, event signage, corporate tables, press releases and sample giveaways.

Who We Work With (Who Can Sponsor Us or Advertise With Us)
Because we are a community organisation, it is very important that we continue to operate with ethics and a high level of integrity. We want our audience to know they can trust us. Because of this we are very cautious with the brands that we become affiliated with or who can sponsor us. We vet our sponsors and are very selective with who we affiliate with for native and sponsored content. Although we are not acting as an advocate for any of our affiliated brands, we want to ensure that their products, brands and company values match up to ours. For this reason, we only work with brands that we actually support and are keen to help them grow their customer base or followers through sharing our audience with them.

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