Frequently Asked Questions

Black Education is a re-education and awareness of the black culture, black history, the prospects and outlook of the future.  It isn’t isolated to just Black people, it is inclusive of everyone, every ethnicity and every nation. It is the promotion and embrace of a global culture and global community. Read our article about Black Education from a global perspective. Learn more about our organisation Black Education CIC and what we do here

Our resources and services at Black Education include the free Black Encyclopaedia that is full of educational information on many topics and referrals to other great resources. We provide a directory for courses, books, webinars, mentors, tutors, community groups and events. We also host a black-owned business directory.  We have a Black Education shop that showcases the work of amazing designers and products from across the globe.

You can get involved in a number of ways. These include working behind the scenes as a researcher, writer or editor. You can also get involved in interacting with our audience assisting our marketing and fundraising efforts. You can apply to volunteer. If you have particular experience or expertise you can also see our job opportunities. If you want to contribute content you can submit it here. If you are a course provider, a mentor or have an book you can also submit them to be listed in our directories. You can of course make a donation to support our work and if you are a business you can apply to become a sponsor.

No, all of our services are free of charge. We of course ask that our subscribers kindly donate where they can to keep us going. But there is no cost and no obligation to donate. So Black Education is free for everyone to enjoy!

We need donations to keep our work going. We are a non-profit (not-for-profit) organisation. A registered social enterprise (Black Education CIC). We do our work to help the community and not to make profits. We have a very limited income and depend heavily on donations. Our fundraising efforts are an important part of managing the organisation so we can keep doing the work and continue to provide free resources and expand our services. You can make a donation here