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‘Black is Beautiful. Black is Love. Black is Ambition. Black is Courage. Black is Kind.’

These statements are the essence of black culture. It is these types of statements that purposefully demonstrate the embrace of black identity. This type of affirmation comes as a subsequence to the past traumas from slavery and racism that black people have had to endure and overcome. It has become a part of black culture to make such bold statements to declare who blacks truly are and how they deserve and expect to be treated or perceived.

“Across this country, young black men and women have been infected with a fever of affirmation. They are saying, ‘We are black and beautiful.’ ” HOYT FULLER 1968

Black History Month is celebrated to acknowledge a set of experiences in the most natural sounding way for Black people and the African Diaspora. In noticing Black History Month, it is great time to zero in on the activities and achievements of dignitaries over a significant time span. Notwithstanding, also acknowledging the lesser known legends and courageous men and women. Acknowledging that were it not so much for Dr. Lord, openings for African-Americans would be essentially inconceivable. Additionally, without Harriet Tubman, slaves looking for shelter would not have found comfort through the Underground Railroad.

Black History Month is a celebration of the present by elucidating our accomplishments and remembering incredible moments from an earlier time. We commend our predecessors who worked under the intense fieriness of mistreatment. Depleted, their hands covered with scraped spots from the cotton’s thorny thistles, they wouldn’t clasp under the ire, making fortitude of the greatest extent.

It is a celebration of Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Dubois for shouting out against bad form. Acknowledging the NAACP, National Urban League and Southern Christian Leadership Conference in their attempt to eliminate prejudice.

It is a celebration of the strength of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Ida Wells-Barnett, ladies of unwavering diligence, opposing the hostility of disdain and cruelty.

It is a celebration of the uprisings of Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey in their doomed endeavour at seeking opportunity. So solid were these men as they continued looking for opportunity even as they dealt with subjugation. Celebrating the civil, political and equal privileges so since a long time ago denied and held back. We commend our victories, calamities and legacy.

It is a celebration of the political activism of Jesse Jackson, Fannie Lou Hamer and the magnetic Adam Clayton Powell, articulate tacticians requesting the conceding of casting a ballot rights to each grown-up, youthful and old.

It is a celebration of the troopers on the front line. From the agitator retreat of Fort Wagner during the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Uncelebrated yet truly great individuals battling and biting the dust to guard America for a majority rule government.

It is a celebration of the artistic virtuoso of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou, asking America to recover its vow of equivalent privileges for all by means of the composed word.

It is a celebration of the Revolutionists; Malcolm X, Angela Davis and the Black Panthers, enthusiastically asking Blacks to leave the “keep a watch out” mentality and renegade against the White Establishment.”

It acknowledges the commitments of Dr. Charles Drew, blood plasma organiser and Garrett Morgan, maker of the programmed traffic signals; whose creations changed the wellbeing and transportation industry.

It is a celebration of the Nobel Peace Prizes of Ralph J. Bunche and Martin Luther King; two neighbourly men devoted to world harmony.

It is a celebration of the athletic ability of Jesse Owens, dashing across the end goal at the 1936 Olympics; Jackie Robinson, breaking baseball’s shading obstruction. Also, the wizardry of Michael Jordan, showing the world why he was named “the Greatest Athlete of the twentieth Century.” Similarly, we commend the brightness of Venus and Serena Williams, taking tennis higher than ever, and the excellence of Tiger Woods‘ golf stroke; tough, on track, a display of massive ability.

The above were all instrumental in forming cutting edge history and should be cherished. Everything considered, all Black people who have made receptive commitments of all shapes and sizes, to the stunning chronicles that exemplify Black History should be acknowledged and celebrated.


This page requires content from various sources. If you are interested in providing content for this page please submit your request here.


This page requires content from various sources. If you are interested in providing content for this page please submit your request here.

This page was last updated on 13, December, 2021

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• Adam C. Powell
• James Baldwin
• Langston Hughes
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• Malcolm X
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• Ralph J. Bunche
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